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Le Pan TC 970 Upgrade Android 3.2 Guide

For Latest Firmware update – see the manufacturer’s site here


Reported problem with backwards web cam was resolved, with the firmware upgrade of Android 2.2 to 3.2.

Some people noticed that the LePan TC970 freezes if battery level is low, or if it goes to sleep automatically. Just press the power and reset buttons, AT THE SAME TIME, and you will wake up the tablet from sleep.

Other people had difficulties getting the LePan TC970 to work with Skype microphone or video chat screen, claiming the installed Android version 2.2 is not supported on Skype, but the microphone works, and so does the chat and screen share. There is a fix for it: download the latest Skype, with modified Skype for Android Froyo. Make sure you enable “Use preview surface” under the tweaks menu. Audio works better if you use headset/microphone instead of built in microphone, or get a Bluetooth headphone.


Easy step by step – How to upgrade le pan tc 970 from adroid 2.2 to adroid 3.2:


Last Update was 2/27/2012, version 4626, manufacturer’s instructions:


Before you start make sure you do not Upgrade if the battery of your le pan tablet is below 60%; please use the wall adaptor to charge the Tablet.

This is a very easy process; even a teenager can do it:


Copy the following two files to the ROOT directory of a MicroSD card from your Le Pan tablet, then Extract :

  1. Firmware file, 4626
  2. Application file, 4626

Note: If you don’t know where ROOT directory is; the ROOT directory is the first area and the base of any operating system that holds any files on that hard drive. All files, programs, and folders you see there are created at the “ROOT”!! So by default, if you copy the above 2 files into your tablet it should be automatically installed in ROOT directory, don’t try to figure out where to copy the files, just check if it is at the ROOT and copy them.

How to Tips:

– Download the 2 files onto your tablet’s MicroSD card Root and unzip (extract) with an unzip utility. If you can’t do that in your tablet, then transfer the SD card into your PC using its built-in slot, a MicroSD Card Reader, or a MicroSD/TransFlash Adapter where you can copy and extract the 2 files to the Root of the SD card, and unzip each with unzip utility program like WinZip, all done from your PC. It will prompt you where to extract the files –  make sure you extract them back to the Root of the SD card. When done replace the MicroSD card to your tablet.

– With your extracted files on SD card, placed back into your tablet, connect the Le Pan tc 970 Tablet to your PC via the USB Cable and select Turn on SB Storage. The MicroSD card will become available as a drive letter on your PC.



Press Power Off button to turn off your Le Pan tc 970 Tablet and make sure the MicroSD is inserted.


Press and hold the [Vol-] and [Power] buttons to turn on your Le Pan tc 970 Tablet. The screen may turn white. Once the logo shows up, release the [Power] button first, and then [Vol-]. After this, it displays in the screen as bellow:


Yes – install the firmware


Select The second “Yes – install the firmware”

Tip: Press [Vol-] to move the light bar to select “Yes – Install the firmware,” then press the [Power] key to start the upgrading process. This process will extract and install the unzipped Firmware file from your SD card to the Le Pan tablet root.


Firmware installation in processing:

Finding firmware…

Verifying firmware…

Opening firmware…


Installing firmware…


When the process installation is finished, the following is displayed.

Reboot system now

Re-install the firmware

Use [Vol] to select Reboot System Now option and press [Power] to Confirm. Then the Tablet will restart.


Once the device is back on, please follow the direction to set up the preferences, time, etc.


Next step is to install the second downloaded file called “Application” from the Step 1, above:

Double click the Application file to install it and follow the instructions.

When completed, restart the tablet again.


Go to Applications – File Manager. Install all your needed apps as follows, in the le pan TC970 tablet Preset folder or from Android Market:

! App Help le pan TC 970 tablet

! Adobe Reader

! Adobe Flash Player for Honeycomb

! GoogleBooks

! iReader

! Kindle

! Skype for Honeycomb

STEP 10:

After the installation of the basic Apps, the upgrade process is finished.

Remove your SD card or just delete all the upgrade files and use the SD card for other downloaded files storage.


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